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Craftsman Creative Email Course

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Books are great for information, but to apply and implement everything they teach, many people need more.

Creators that struggle to build a business to support their work are often trying to do it alone, without the help of someone who knows what to do next and what needs to be done.

The Craftsman Creative Email Course provides that guidance.

One email a week for over 12 weeks, you'll be given a short training every Monday on one area of your business, along with a checklist of tasks to do that week and instructions on how to do them.

Then, in about an hour a day, you'll systematically and consistently build the foundation for your business to grow. 

With the email course you get:

  • A welcome email with tools, resources, and a "map" of where you are and where you're going
  • One email every Monday with text and audio instruction
  • Video walkthroughs for everything you're going to build and every task
  • A weekly, downloadable and printable checklist to guide your work for the week
  • An invitation to a community of builders where you can connect, chat, discuss, learn, and help one another build

Enroll in the course and you'll get your first email today with everything you need to get started, and your first lesson will arrive on Monday.

Craftsman Creative Book

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an NFT

Anyone who orders two or more physical copies of the book will be sent a link to a page where they can mint their own First Edition NFT.

There are only 1,000 available, and they are first come, first serve.

Instructions for how to mint your NFT are on that page once you've purchased the book.

Can I order more than two books?

Yes! If you want to purchase more than the two to earn your First Edition NFT, send an email to and let me know how many you'd like.

You'll only pay for the cost of printing and the extra shipping & handling cost ($8.50 per extra paperback, $17 per hardback)

Where can I get the courses and sign up for the community?

For the course, head over to this page to learn more and sign up.

To join the Society of Independent Creators you can sign up here.