Build Your Creative Business

The principles and frameworks that help artists, creators, and entrepreneurs become successful business owners

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  • Who It's For:

    Creators and artists seeking to "figure out the business stuff" and want to make a living doing what they love

  • What You'll Learn

    The book teaches you how to master your mindset, create a vision and goals for your business; improve your finances, marketing, and sales; grow your audience, and build a more resilient, profitable business

  • What Will Change

    You'll create more freedom in your life by following the principles and frameworks in this book.

    You'll have more financial freedom, more time, work with only the people you want to, and create the life you want for yourself through your business

The Course (aka The "How")

Books are amazing tools for sharing information, expanding perspective, and giving new context and inspiration to a reader.

But they lack when it comes to implementing new ideas and taking action.

In order to help you apply what you've read, I've created an email course that provides guidance for the next three months to help you take action on the principles and frameworks in the Craftsman Creative book.

It's like having a creative COO show up once a week, teach you how to grow your business, and then give you a set of tasks to get done over the next few days.

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Daren Smith | Author

I'm a film & TV producer, writer, and creator. In 2020 I started Craftsman Creative to help other artists and creators build more resilient businesses, and my new book aims to do the same. I know you'll enjoy it!